"Leadership is not about being the best. Leadership is about making everyone else better." - Unknown

FCCLA focuses on:

- Community service projects

- Developing leadership skills

- Strengthening ourselves and family

FCCLA Members

Regan Flatt Carlyn Straniese Justin Knowles

Haley Richardson Bryson Hall Erica Bryant

Ashlee Sherrell Madison Jolley Logan Wenger

Haley Murphy Macie Sullivans Ali Curtis

Abi Gentry Kayla Sparks Cierra Worthington


If you would like to join, enter the Google Classroom code m64zh2 and attend the meetings.

Picture of Ms. Dyer

FCCLA Sponsor

Ms. Dyer

Picture of Four FCCLA Members

These are just four of the FCCLA members, along with the sponsor Ms. Dyer, at the Wilson County Exposition Center.