Players Behind the Mask

Players Behind the Mask is the White County High School drama club. Currently students are working on their performance in Beauty and the Beast.

Picture of actors playing Beauty and the Beast

play based off the classic Disney film Beauty and the Beast

A selfish, young prince is cursed because of his heartless dismissal of a wayward traveller. He is transformed into a beast and will remain so for the rest of his life; unless he learns to love and be loved by a beautiful young woman he keeps prisoner. Join us as Belle teams up with an enchanted household staff to tame the Beast. Of course, Gaston has other plans for Belle and the beast. Spirits will soar to classic tunes including “Be Our Guest”, “Gaston”, and “Beauty and the Beast”!

WCHS will be presenting Beauty and the Beast on the Thursday November 14th and Friday November 15th. Admission is $1.00.The show starts at 8:30 a.m.

Space is limited, so reserve your seats today by calling 836-3214 !!

Picture of sponsor Sandy Lewis

Sponsor: Sandy Lewis