Criminal Justice

Picture of chriminal justice activites
picture of criminal justice activities

About Criminal Justice

White County High School is expanding its criminal justice classes to offer a Criminal Justice Program of Study starting with the 2019-2020 school year.

Some of these activities, which include communication skills, arrest tactics, crime scene investigations, mock trials, and the judicial process, have already been made available to students who have been taking Demps’s class as an elective. On April 10, Sparta Police Department was at the school to set up a mock crime scene. Students were able to practice skills such as interviewing a witness, sketching a scene, identifying evidence, and fingerprinting.

Later the same week, students traveled to White County Justice Center to tour the facility and get a better understanding on how that component of the justice system works.

The police department returned to the school, on April 16, to teach students proper search and seizure procedures and arrest tactics.