About Archery

Archery is typically practiced all year but competitions such as State and Nationals happen in late March. Archery is an activity that does not discriminate based on popularity, athletic skill, race, gender, size, or academic ability and is open to any student.

Photo of Archery Members

2019 2nd Place at State Tournament.

2019-2020 WCHS Warrior Archery Schedule

WCHS WARRIOR ARCHERY Tournament schedule 2019-20.docx
photo of 2019--2020 team captains standing on a wall

2019-2020 team captains

photo of 2019-2020 warrior archers

2019-2020 Warrior Archery Team

photo of 2019-2020 team captains sitting in bleachers

2019-2020 team captains

Photo of Archery Tournament
Photo of WCHS Archers
Photo of All Members on Archery Team

Assistant coaches:

  • Bryan Steele
  • Natalye Steele
Picture of Coach Steele

Coach: Mickye Steele

Volunteer coaches:

      • Hallie young
      • Taylor parks