Juonna Thompson


1st Block: English 3 (Inc)

2nd Block: ACT Prep

3rd Block: English 3 (Inc)

4th Block: English 3 (Inc)

5th Block: Planning

Course Syllabi:

ACT Prep

English II

When you click on this syllabus, read it, and follow the directions by emailing me, please do not forget to type your student's name in the message so I will know to whom credit should go.

Other information will become available as the year progresses.

About Me... I am in my 10th year of teaching at White County High School. In the past, I have taught in Bledsoe County, Putnam County, and Overton County. My experience also includes two years of teaching at Volunteer Christian Academy in Sparta (closed now) and Diagnostician at Sylvan Learning Center in Cookeville.

Journalism Project: Please read this before clicking on an icon!

The debut of Journalism class this year has been quite a journey. For their final project, students divided up into three groups of their choice. Each group had to choose one "tourist attraction" in Sparta to write about for one article. Then they brainstormed other topics to come up with three more per newsletter. Some students were very diligent in researching, writing, and editing. Please make a point of telling these students that you saw their work. Please encourage those who did well by praising them. This has been a learning experience for me and I hope it has been for the students as well. Enjoy!

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