Picture of bowling schedule
Picture of student bowling

Bowling Roster


Allie Rose

Alexis Welch

Marlee Dyer

Regan Flatt

Logan Wenger

Meghan Wilson

Haley Richardson

Caitlyn Keller

Olivia Randolph

Sara Vanlandingham

Victoria Westmoreland

Aleigha Temple

Jurnee Lewis

Abigail Carter

Bevin Davis

Bowling Roster


Caleb Rogers

Jared Watts

Liam Cole

Tyler Simpson

Trenton Williams

Justin Daniels

Hunter Wilson

Preston Kohl

Michael Wittenberg

Jacob Dunn

Paul Keller

Clayson Key

Caden Williams

Picture of Coach Martin

Coach Wesley Martin

If you have any questions on how to join please contact Coach Martin.

WCHS bowling team would like to thank Bowling World for all their support.