Bowling Roster (2019-2020)

Girls Team

Caitlyn Keller (12th)

Olivia Randolph (12th)

Haley Richardson (12th)

Abigail Carter (12th)

Aleigha Temple (11th)

Alison Randolph (10th)

Sarah Vanlandingham (10th)

Jurnee Lewis (10th)

Shelby Keller (9th)

Allison Thomas (9th)

Boys Team

Liam Cole (12th)

Curt Morse (12th)

Trenton Williams (12th)

Justin Daniels (11th)

Hunter Wilson (11th)

Clayson Key (11th)

Paul Keller Jr. (10th)

Caden Williams (10th)

Dondre Sparks (9th)

Austin Price (10th)

Girls Bowling Team Caption

Girls Team Captain


Boys Bowling Team Caption

Boys Team Captain


Picture of bowling team member at competition
  • This student, a senior at WCHS, qualified for the state tournament, but was unable to bowl due to early graduation. She was the first bowler from White County to ever qualify for state.
Picture of bowling team member at competition
  • This team member, junior at WCHS, was the next in line to qualify. She competed at the state tournament, making her the first bowler from WCHS to bowl in the state tournament!
Picture of Coach Martin

Coach Wesley Martin

If you have any questions on how to join please contact Coach Martin.

WCHS bowling team would like to thank Bowling World for all their support.